Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Leaders are Born

Recently my friend has done something i would have not done.. he solved a day to day problem, even though nobody asked him.. he was not required to solve it. A Problem which you, me everybody.. faces.. Traffic Jams.
He was coming back from a movie.. and he saw this road getting jammed with the unforgiving hyderabad vehicles. He along with some other volunteers jumped into action and spent around an hour+ to clear off the road.. i wasnt' there... but i would have thanked god for such people if i was one among those stranded on the road. I thought to myself... its people like this who deserve to be the leaders in every sense of the word. These are the people who really make a difference in the world. And another quote from another friend of mine after hearing about this whole ordeal...
"Im' pretty sure it gave you more happiness than writing a single line of code"
i feel proud to friends with such nice people.

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Karan said...

Crisly, hats off!