Thursday, June 14, 2007

Devil May Cry

If you like prince of persia type of games or any third person sword play games.. Devil may cry is a must play game. Sure the PC port has shitty controls etc.. but man it's cool. The story telling aspect really stands out. The character animation is really stiking and basically just a marvel. I started playing DMC3 and it really felt like playing TMNT with different characters, the game play etc seem quite similar except for the story telling part and the way the monsters look well that isnt' bad for me.. in fact i really liked the game. Do try it out if you get a chance, don't go by the rating it has on popular sites.. they rated it low because of bad controls, etc.. which you get used to after playing a couple of levels.. :D trust me.. its' worth the pain.
Why play DMC3 suddenly out of no where you might ask.. well i heard so much about DMC4 so thought ill' dig in a little and see what all the fuss is about. I havent played a single verison of DMC till now.. DMC3 was really a pleasent surprise. I relly like the way the story is told etc. Cant' wait to get my hands on DMC4.
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