Monday, May 14, 2007

A Dream Game

As a boy i always wanted to play those fast paced games in which you control a fighter jet or something like that. Well may be there are a lot of games out there which provide this.. Top Gun, Eve Online, etc. But one game caught my eye like no other Gun Metal. This was one of the first games to use Cg (Nvidia's thingi for shaders). The game had everything i ever wanted ... a robot which can transform into a jet and fly past the enemies and blast them off with various weapons. By the way this is quite an old game.. came out in 2003 or so... well i could get my hands on it only in 2005 when one of my friends bought an nv graphics card. Do play this game if you get a chance.

Now the new game which caught my attention is Infernal. The game looks stunning and i love 3rd person shooters so this is definitely a game for me :). The ign gives it a 6.6 overall rating which is pretty much ok i guess. Im' just into it coz of the looks (kinda makes me feel like i've got gears of war on pc).