Sunday, April 22, 2007

Menu Killed The GAME

Things I learnt from this pyweek:
  • A Game doesn't have to be 3D to be a good game.
  • The UI should be intuitive one (never experiment with this).
  • Should have objectives for each level. These objectives should not be too hard to achieve. (should not be very strict.. should allow for user error etc..)
  • Graphics (images are very important for the look gives a good feel to the user)
  • Motivation is very important. (don't know why but i did not have enough motivation to actually complete the game with good menus etc).
There was a huge competition this time at pyweek. All the developers made sure that the rating was even for all of them :) Well a little disappointment because of the final result.. but i guess i had to learn my lesson :D never ever leave the menus.

By the way if you want to checkout the updated version of the game (modifications based on the feedback i got from other participants in pyweek4)
Marine Rescue(src)
Marine Rescue(Win32Bin)

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