Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bots @

Now that there is not much work to be done, I guess now our cricket team can concentrate on their ads. May be now India and Pak can play their own tournament at home :) Not really bothered about the loss actually coz some where at the back of my mind, i knew this was going to happen.

By the way .. all that apart.. Found some good free mmorpg games. My fav is "Bots" at
Fairly simple game, with Wii type graphics. But the game is fun to play. The player vs player modes are good. Good amount of strat involved and at the same time its' action packed. They have an amazing business plan, Im' not sure how good it is but really a good one. Try it out.. you might actually like it. Still have to figure out a lot of things about the game but.. ya its' free and it's fun to play :)
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