Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Experiments With Blender

Blender is a Free, Open source, Multi Platform 3D content authoring tool. It even features a game engine which i have described in my previous post. I was really exited about the possibilities for using Blender. I wanted to see if it could be used by users without any professional training about this too. So i set out on testing the character animation and modeling features provided by this tool. Fortunately for me, the blender foundation has done a great job of creating a wiki for each and every important feature of the tool as a part of the Blender Summer of Documentation (BSoD). This helped me greatly with the modeling, rigging and animating my first character. I would like to go ahead and make a small game using the stuff i learned about the game engine. Here are the two simple videos i created using blender:
Character Walking
Character Waving

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