Thursday, October 12, 2006

Blender Game Engine

Since the last couple of days i have been trying to learn how to use Blender Game Engine. I summer of documentation sure did help me get a better documentation then ever before. In fact the pros in #gameblender envyed my luck :) The things that can be done using this seem unlimited to me. After having a look at what people have created using Blender Game Engine this seems to be the best options for startups etc. I doubt if there is any scope and market for new game companies out there but if you are eager to start off with someting.. this could be the right choice.

One of my friends is going to work on a project of creating virtual worlds for interactive education for school children. The blender GE would be a really good platform to start off from. The physics which is so beautifully integrated would make the development of acceptable physical world simulations.

The basic and the most important reason for my choice of giving up writing my own game engine is the frustration of not being able to incorporate animated characters in the games. All the games i wrote with the exception of Adrian have no animated characters. The main reason for this is due to lack of a simple format for animated 3D models which can be loaded and used in my game engine. I could have used blender for creating Md2 models but using the internal game engine is kinda easier. Hopefully ill' be able to develop a good game in a few days/weeks. I've already started working on a character for the game. The simplest one i could think of for modeling... the java character.. the small guy with black tip, red nose and a white bottom. It was quite easy for me to model him. All it needs now is a hand model and some rigging to be done.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Warhammer Dawn of War

My current game is warhammer, i've been waiting to play this game since last year. Thanks to the qa team here, i have access to this game now. Yesterday was one of the most exciting gaming days. I was playing the campaigns in the game since last two weeks and even played a couple of games against the computer. I was able to defeat the hard ai with a little difficulty. I always wanted to play all the games i know online with other people around the world rather than just our college lan. Yesterday i had the oppurtunity of going online and putting my game exp to test :) Turns out.. i really did not learn the game that well :) i won just 3 games out of 12 games i played yesterday. I guess its' common when your learning a new game :D