Friday, September 29, 2006

Good Old Days of DOTA

Gone are those days of one of the most addictive games. The extruciating pain in waiting for just half-an hour for the classes to end and the people to come back to play the game. It was like an every day ritual for me, Used to wake up at 8.30 rush
to CVIT and write some pages of thesis eagerly waiting for the time to read 2.00pm. That was ilke the unspoken time of day break for any of the gamers at IIIT-H. My last few days at IIIT were more exiting than ever before, it was a long time since i had been a newbie at any of the games played at IIIT, the new batches were coming up with better and newer games for playing and it was really hard for me to catch up with them. You know i was busy with all my research work which was eating up my gaming time :( Warcraft was never a popular game in IIIT-H, but all that changed once DOTA was discovered. I for once got so hooked to the game that i did not mind being a newbie again, it was fun learning the game and playing it too. Thanks to some of the players who made it quite and audible game. CS which was kinda dominating the IIIT game server space began to shrink, i am told its' gaining its' share again but i would say DOTA has definitely eaten some of its' share. I really want to play DOTA again soon, soon enough that i dont' forget the game. Hopefully ill' be able to play during the diwali.
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