Friday, July 21, 2006

Team Fortress2

Valve studios is not a new name to any body who knows or played their popular game Counter Strike. Till date the only titles i knew they produced were Half-Life and Condition zero. Half-Life 2 has been their most sucessful game i should say. They have shown the world that not only can they make use of existing game engines for creating wonderful games.. but they can actually develop their own game engine. The Half-Life 2 game engine is now widely used for benchmarking the graphics card's performance. The buzz words in their engine were hydynamic range rendering and the awesome physics. There were actually lot of demos showing off physics in the game. Well all that apart, If you have played the recent title from EA sports .. the BF2, you might have thought that the idea of having different personal in the team (medic, engineer, sniper etc.) was a new ground breaking idea.. that is where you would be wrong. You see, our beloved valve studios had another title called Team Fortress, which was a mod in quake 2 engine. This was a commercial mod to quake then. The game allowd players the ability to take on the roles of a sniper, spy, medic and more and make use of their specialized skills in a slew of multiplayer modes, including Capture the Flag and Attack and Defend. Now the valve studios is back with the second version of that game "Team Fortress2", and it looks awesome. If you have played quake2 you might actually figure how team fortress used to look but for those who were unfortunate enough not to play quake2 here is how Team Fortress used to look

And now for the look and feel of the new Team Fortress2. They have used cartoon rendering for this title which is quite uncommon for most fps games. I am pretty impressed with the artwork they have in the game. So here goes the screen shot.

you can find more detailed review of the game here. Hungry for more?? you can download the trailer of the game from the ign videos section or download it in dc++ from Shrek.
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