Thursday, March 09, 2006

Chronicals of Narnia

Have you seen that movie yet? well its surely a kids' movie but then you can really watch it for its' visual effects. We had a talk here at IIIT-Hyd by Mr.Prashanth from Rythm and Hues (india division). It was a wonderful session covering the behind the scenes view of the movie. The techniques used, the hardware used and finally the challenges faced. I realized how hard they worked to create the Lead character (ASLAN the lion) in the movie. They actually recorded the actual lion doing the moves they wanted the character to be able to do and the artists actually put in these animations into the character they made. The artists some how seem to be the most important aspect to most of the entertainment these days. Take games for example they require heavy artist work once the game engine is ready (which now a days are bought right away from Id Software or Epic games. The technology is no doubt very important.. but even with the simplest game engine.. one can achieve good effects if you have good artists (at least this is what i think). This would be quite evident if you see warcraft. The magical lighting etc etc.. are all the result of excellent texturing.
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