Saturday, February 04, 2006

Felicity Fever...

It's been a hectic schedule.. since past two days.. with no time to work on any drawings. The felicity has been my prime entertainment. The zombie zone is my fav part. The events are sitll ongoing.. i was working closely with bachan and helping him out with the organizing of java jargon. I really hope people were happy with the questions in the contest. I wanted to try out my drawing skill's usage at tatoo drawing :) so sumanth was my gunie pig.. we participated in this tatoo drawing contest.. (we lost obviously) but it was a good experience.. i dreaw a dragon and a weird looking guy.. well the dragon looked quite good to me.. but it was quite small.
Well i guess ill' stop doing this daily one drawing thing. It's kinda eating up into my gaming time :D hopefully ill' find time for posting some drawings quite often.
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