Wednesday, February 15, 2006

AdSense does it make Sense to you?

I've been using gmail since a long time.. i never took time to see what ads its' showing until recently. Every time i look at the ads its' the same Indian matrimonials, kerala matrimonials.. etc etc.. for gods' sake.. there is not even a word related to that in the mail and yet it keeps showing these ads. I had a discussion with my friends about this.. even they seem to be getting the same kinda matrimonial ads. Is google putting up these ads just coz it could not find anything else? if so why give only those ads. Ofcourse it really doesnt' matter what ads are shown.. coz ive' stopped paying attention to them..but then.. if only the ads were more sensible may be.. just may be people will start paying attention to these ads and google might make more money. I hope they are doing something about it. The latest chat feature in the email service is my fav. I thought would be the first to do this but google beat them. had this wonderful flash interface and a really good way to show the rss feeds.. but they over did it. They had rss feed widget for almost every site. I had once sent them a comment asking them if they were interested in adding a messenger feature to their service. They replied saying that they plan to put such a thing by the end of the year.. may be its already there.. i've stopped using their service since it keeps going down for maintanance very regularly.. and besides.. gmail is far simple to use :)
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