Monday, February 27, 2006

The Music Band

Inspired by the drawings of johney brovo.. this depicts my fav characters in this cartoon network's series. These are supposed to be the guys who do hip hop in this series.. they are not regular characters in the series but they really look cool (atleast to me :)) enjoy.

Friday, February 24, 2006

base ball??

I hope you guys atleast heard about base ball. Well cricket is the most famous in india and other countries, base ball on the other hand is hot fav of the americans.. The game doesnt' interest me .. but the way the pitcher throws the ball towards the hitter (batsman) is quite astonishing.. :) i dont' know why they call it pitching .. they might as well call it throwing... im' no expert in the game but doesnt' seem like that requires much of a skill.. may be thats' the reason its' so famous. Any way i was just wondering what to put up tonight.. and this was what came to my mind instantly. enjoy

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Linux Display Drivers and ATI

Well it finally happened.. there has an article on the driver heaven asking ati to provide good display drivers for linux. have a look at it.. this guy actually put out every anguish i had in my mind. Ofcourse some people claim that the X1800 series are for gaming and nothing else.. well people dont' just play all day.. and they dont'/may not want to buy one system for browsing, one for video editing and one for official business.. well may be some can.. but then.. it doesnt' mean that people who buy a card which is for gaming can't/dont' use it for some other purpose. And whats' the company loosing by providing good drivers for linux? in fact i would say the company is loosing customers by not providing drivers for linux. I personally would not recommend any body to buy ATI cards since they dont' have good linux support. Most of my friends go for Nvidia cards just because they will be able to use both linux and windows.

Ati has got a really good support on windows. I've played aoe3, prince of persia etc and the experience is awesome. You can put in the highest display settings and yet this baby really make you feel its' normal. You should see it to believe it. I did not run the 3dmark2006 yet.. should run it and find out the scores. It would really be nice to know how this baby performs on the benchmarks.

Todays cartoon dedicated to this whole ATI thing.. im' forced to use vesa (default) drivers on linux without any acceleration even though i have an ATI X1800XT and the fps i get while running glxgears which is awefully small program which used to give around 1000fps (if i remember correctly) on my nvidia geforce 2MX and this ATI X1800XT gives only 500fps (ofcourse there drivers are different) but the bottom line is i could not find the drivers so 500fps is what this card can give according to me.

Gnome Looks

There was a post in a mockup actually of how gnome should look. Everybody loved it.. absolutely everybody. The rating it has got says it all. Well many have tried to create a theme which looks just like that. Most of them just tried to implement the metacity theme instead of the whole theme. Finally it has arrived. It's called Gentle. I downloaded immediatly and configured my desktop :) and today instead of drawing we have a screenshot :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Hostel

Note.. this post is not about the hostel i stay in.. its' about "The Hostel" a movie by Quentin Tarantino the maker of kill bill :). Well the movie certainly has some graphic scenes. Im' sure you will have a hard time seeing this movie.. so make it easy on yourself.. watch this drawing... once again dedicated to cheddi "the psycho" enjoy.

Monday, February 20, 2006


As i was saying.. the POP warrior within has very good character design. There is one enemy who is formed by birds. The first time this guy is shown, i was awestruck. You should see it to believe it. In todays drawing i've tried to create that monsters' face. Looks mostly like a musketeer without colors.. but believe me.. you will love this characters' enterance in the game.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

POP Warrior Within ROX

ive' just started playing pop warrior within.. and i instantly fell in love with it.. the character design the game play every thing.. absolutely everything seems to be correctly done. I've just played first few levels and im' really looking forward to the rest of the game. You should really try it out. So todays' drawing dedicated to POP :D ive' made kinda of a spoof of the main character..but really put in a lot of time into it.. hope you like it :)

Could not Get ATI Drivers to work!!

I've been trying to install all kinds of kernel modules drivers etc etc.. those made available on the ati site as well as the fedora's extras.. just could not make them work.. the discovery of the day is that.. they did not release a driver that supports X1800XT yet.. and i was breaking my head here why the driver they provided wasnt' working.. ofcourse they did mention the list of cards that the driver is going to support but then.. the installer doesnt' even say a thing..the driver should atleast inform during the installation that the driver is not suitable for the device. :(( and they say they have linux driver support!!! the card has be out more than a month .. the next generation card.. X1900 is already out.. i just hope they release the driver before i die.

Friday, February 17, 2006


Have you ever visited Blender's home page? this is an awesome opensource 3D modeling and animation software. It has more or less every feature that the commercial counter parts have to offer.. and its' free of cost. If you are looking for a good 3D modeling and animation software blender is the one for you. There are many other free modeling and animation software.. but im' sure nothing stands a chance against the might of this tool. It has a built in game engine.. you can create animations and start off using them in a game you like. Well on the dark side of it.. this tool can be quite a head ache to learn.. but once you get your hands on experience.. it becomes the most useful tool. Try it out if you are free.. you've got nothing to loose :) if you like it... you have found a easy and free way to create animations and games :).

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

AdSense does it make Sense to you?

I've been using gmail since a long time.. i never took time to see what ads its' showing until recently. Every time i look at the ads its' the same Indian matrimonials, kerala matrimonials.. etc etc.. for gods' sake.. there is not even a word related to that in the mail and yet it keeps showing these ads. I had a discussion with my friends about this.. even they seem to be getting the same kinda matrimonial ads. Is google putting up these ads just coz it could not find anything else? if so why give only those ads. Ofcourse it really doesnt' matter what ads are shown.. coz ive' stopped paying attention to them..but then.. if only the ads were more sensible may be.. just may be people will start paying attention to these ads and google might make more money. I hope they are doing something about it. The latest chat feature in the email service is my fav. I thought would be the first to do this but google beat them. had this wonderful flash interface and a really good way to show the rss feeds.. but they over did it. They had rss feed widget for almost every site. I had once sent them a comment asking them if they were interested in adding a messenger feature to their service. They replied saying that they plan to put such a thing by the end of the year.. may be its already there.. i've stopped using their service since it keeps going down for maintanance very regularly.. and besides.. gmail is far simple to use :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Chat in Gmail enabled Party!!!

The most awaited feature ... chat in gmail has finally been enabled in my account.. i just hope im' not the last one to get it :)) any way to share my happiness ive' put in another drawing for today :) enjoy

Im' a good boy :)

Here is the drawing of the day.. a good boy with his books/paper what ever you like :) i really did not know what to draw so started drawing from the hair. I discovered that controversy creates a lot of commotion.. :)) people started posting as soon as they saw a heart being cut.. well i guess the purpose of the drawing was met :). And now back to eagerly waiting for the chat feature in gmail to be enabled for my account :((

Monday, February 13, 2006

V-Day is Crap

Some guy in the us or some where else.. i dont' care.. called valentine... kinda invented this day asking people who love each other to share some gifts just to show their love.. well i say.. its' just not fair.. if you love somebody you can say or give what ever you want any day and not just on vday :) well thats kinda not me .. but hey ..its' a fact.. and for gods' sake real heart doesnt' look like what they put in the greeting cards :). I thought people should know how the real heart looks so here is todays' drawing.. and i really hope cheddi likes this :) im' quite sure he will.


"Saari dhuniyaa mujko lion ke naam se jaantha hain" thats's a pretty famous quote from a hindi movie. I dont' remember the movie name though.. any way i thought it would be nice if i could draw something like a lion.. so this was my trial to do that.. i guess i was not that sucessful but hey.. it looks quite ok to me :)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Gnome and Redhat :D

Thought i should do something .. could not some up with any good resorted to drawing the gnome foot and redhat :) tried out some text effects.. guess its' not very good looking but well some drawing :D

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Felicity Fever...

It's been a hectic schedule.. since past two days.. with no time to work on any drawings. The felicity has been my prime entertainment. The zombie zone is my fav part. The events are sitll ongoing.. i was working closely with bachan and helping him out with the organizing of java jargon. I really hope people were happy with the questions in the contest. I wanted to try out my drawing skill's usage at tatoo drawing :) so sumanth was my gunie pig.. we participated in this tatoo drawing contest.. (we lost obviously) but it was a good experience.. i dreaw a dragon and a weird looking guy.. well the dragon looked quite good to me.. but it was quite small.
Well i guess ill' stop doing this daily one drawing thing. It's kinda eating up into my gaming time :D hopefully ill' find time for posting some drawings quite often.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Java Jargon

I did not think it would come to this but i was busy creating questions for java jargon. So there is no good drawing for today.. :(. This was my first experience with gimps' pencil tool seems to be pretty good. Never found it so useful before. I guess ill' be using it for some time from now on.

Eyes of Eternity

This was one of my first drawings during my school days.. thought id' recreate it again using gimp and so todays' drawing. I was always bad at drawing the nose for this drawing of mine.. my mom used call this pic as "dog bone nose" drawing.. so i kinda avoided the nose and put the rose instead :). This was kinda a fast drawing.. drew it in about less than 10mins.