Saturday, December 17, 2005


Ncc2006 paper rejected and the comments were awesome.. did not know how to react to them (oops sry there was only one comment). I guess i was too stupid to assume that it would be accepted. I guess this and my B grade in CV had something to do with my bad performance the other day at Sarnoff's interview. Still thinking about the great loss.. i could not concentrate on anything.. could not talk to my parents coz i knew it was a gross mistake to let go of sarnoff chance. I did not have anything to cheer me up.. Tejo to the rescue.. the came along to my lab as usual.. and started bugging me asking why i did not submit my resume to "Dhruva" well thought it was not a bad idea and decided to go for it.. and sent my resume to them. They seemed impressed with :) I was shortlisted for the interview. The contact person informed that he would like to know when i was completing my course. I informed him about the same and he responded asking me to remind him after im' done with my course. That was quite an achievement given my current state of mind. Besides that my prof and I had a look at the presentation regarding the tool, came up with some changes and put them on paper. Im' still supposed to implement that Teddy paper which keeps getting me into problems due to which i have a hard time completing it. Its' far from complete and i think my thesis is based on that.. hope i dont' extend my thesis for another sem.
Nvidia and M$IDC have become my prime targets besides completing my thesis this sem. They will be coming to campus soon and i hope im' well prepared for them. There is too much competetion and more over ive' managed to sucessfully screw my cg to just above 7.5 so an added disadvantage :)) "Oh GOD HELP ME GET THROUGH THIS".
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