Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Sarnoff is a company which works in the areas of Object tracking etc. Essentially all their products are based on computer vision. I made it as a dream option because we were informed that they are looking for vision students exclusively. With my bleak knowledge at Computer Vision i was sure i would not be able to make it even through the written test (which by the way was a test asking basics of vision). Thirteen of the graduating students (including me) went to attend the test. The people from sarnoff were surprised to see such less turnup, they were expecting around 40 people. So we wrote the test and (which started about 1 and half hours late due to their delayed arrival), and wandered away to the hostel. None of us had any hopes about qualifying the written test due to the obvious fact that we were not sure if we knew CV :). The results were
out and we were shocked to see that twelve of us were shortlisted for the interviews. We went back to the main building. I had to wait for the interview (believe me it felt like eternity). When my turn came.. i went in and was really eager to get out of there..I did not feel comfortable sitting there and talking to the interviewers. I did not know what i was talking.. i was stammering. "What are the sequence of OpenGL calls that have to be made so that i can specify light relative to camera?" This question was the beggining of my downfall at the interview. I did not have any answer to this question.. and for some reason i was reluctant to think about the answer to this question.
glMatrixMode( GL_MODELVIEW );
glLoadIdentity( );
glLightfv( .... );
gluLookAt( .. );
would work for this but i did not bother to think about it and told them straight away that i did not know the answer.
"What is an image Pyramid?" Second Question for which i had no answer ..
"What are Open and Close Operations?" Morphological operators.. well could not recollect the answer for this either. After such an astonishing performance at the first interview I knew there was no chance that i would be called for the second interview, but miracle again.. I was called for the second interview, I had to run all the way from the hostel to the Interview room... this time the panel had 4 members.. series of questions flowed and my answers to most of them... "not sure" I could see the diappointment on their faces, I could not help it.. I was not thinking right.. they had to catch a flight at 6.45pm and it was already like so i though if i delay my answer they would not be able to make it to the air port in time and so on so forth.. So if i knew the answer i just said it out.. if not, did not bother to take time and think about it.. just said my magic words "not sure". I'm repenting for having done that.. felt like i dropped the oppurtunity of my life just like that without any fight. Hope i do not repeat such silly things again.
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