Sunday, December 11, 2005

IBM story

With fading confidence due to losses at Adobe and Google, and the feeling of guilt about not attending the Tcs test have created a lot of presure on my mind. Really had to break free of all the anxaiety. Felt like i was going to land up without any job in hand and be on the road.. really needed something for boosting my moral.
I decided to attend the IBMs' test on 10/12/2005, the test was fairly simple.. i was expecting to get through for ISL( software labs ) but could not find my name in that list... i was really disappointed about the outcome. Kirti kiran was really supportive at this point.. he kept assuring me that i would be in for some list. Any way i ended up in the short list for AMS (global services). I was really disappointed about it.. but then.. my pop called up and asked me not to bother about it and to attend the interview. Sounded great to me.. This was my first interview ever for a job so thought i might as well take a shot at it. I was quite confident.. but was still worried about what they would ask me during the interview session. 10/12/2005, 2.30pm we assembled in a room waiting for our chance of interview session.The volunteers were calling out names and taking those people for interviews. Sumanth arrived at the scene (he was among the volunteers) he said they needed 4 people so myself, arvkrishna, balakrishna and some other guy went for the interview. We were asked to sit outside the interview rooms. I and arvind sat next to each other, we had nothing to talk due to the obvious nerviousness. I managed to break the ice and started talking about resumes etc.. one of the employees was very tired and occupied the other chair next to me. I wanted to free my mind of any tension so just started to talk with him.. asked him where he came from, where he was currently working (location) and if the infrastructure for ibm was ready at HYD (i.e office space etc). He answered those questions to the point we shook hands and he left.
I was more confident than ever and was sure i would do great.. every minute passing by felt like an hour.. i was really anxious to get into the interview room.. but then.. i allowed another MTech person to get in before me. I was then called into the same interview room.. i was surprised to see that there were two panels in the same room (ofcourse only one person at one pannel). I shook hands with the panel members,
told them my name was vamsi. They asked me for my resume and were looking at it while i was eagerly waiting for them to ask some questions.
"Whats' this MS/R?" asked one of the interviewrs.. I was delighted to answer that question.. told them about how we are supposed to work on some research project and do courses and publish papers etc.
i told them that its not like MTech where were just supposed to do courses and leave. Then the same interviewer asked me "Why did you opt for MS instead of Job after BTech?" Told him that i was really interested in graphics and that i wanted to know what graphics is all about and that was the reason for me to take up Ms programme. "What were the other options you had other than Ms?" Well this was a fairly easy question.. :)) I told him about the infosys offer that i had before joining Ms.. told him that i had foregone that job just to do my Masters. He asked me if i would do my Phd.. i smiled and said.."Ya ofcourse.. in 3 to 4 years from now.. i would go for it.. well then im' not sure about it.. but i'm really sure that i want to take a break from my acads for now." He seemed pretty impressed with these answers..:)
then about my TA .. he asked me how i felt about it.. and what i would prefer.. Fetching or Satisfacton.. I did not want to screw up so said.. "It's like a tradeoff between both of them" he then asked me if i would be interested in a job at ibm for teaching the newly recruited employees.. I said that would be great...and that i would love to do such a job. He just saw me.. saw the other panel memeber and said "That's all we are through with you". I was like what the hell.. this was supposed to be a Tech interview.. but then.. i just smiled.. stood up shook hands.. said i was glad to meet them.. and walked out of the room. I was asked to wait and then taken to a room where we were asked to fill some forms.
I thought i was in already.. but then there was another interview.. i thought it would be a real tech interview and that i might screw it up. Turned out it was another kinda HR interview. Somesh's manager was the interviewer there.. i was lucky enough not to screw it up either :) and finally i was informed that i made it to the company.
My mom seems really happy about this.. Actually i've got my confidence back and im' sure i will be able to work better from now on :) concentrate well on the things im' supposed to do and all that :).

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