Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Chronicle of Nvidia

I meet my placement officer at the main building, to my surprise, she remembered my name.. not only that she knew that i was waiting for Nvidia :) Deshaw was on campus that day... Nvidia was supposed to give a preplacement talk and conduct their test. Nvidia did not arrive.. so some more misery preparing for the exam and the interview.
Nvidia comes to campus, conducts written test, Test was conducted twice (due to delay in the arrival of the question sheets and answersheets). During the test we were specifically asked not to write anything on the question paper and that we would be disqualified for doing so, but due to exitement and carelessness i had accidentally written on the question paper.. i really thougth i would be disqualified. The final list of the candidates who got selected for the interview was sent to us through an e-mail. I could not find my name in the list.. (which was quite surprising coz we were informed that the cutoff was just 10marks out of 40). Well there was this name "P.Vamshi Krishna" in the list that was sent. I was unaware of any person with that name.. thought it might be somebody from the MSIT. Dejected and disappointed i returned to cvit where suman was consoling me.. some how he thought that there was no person with that name who has written the test. We checked it out with the previous mails, then checked for user logins on students account. It was clear that there was something wrong.. i wanted to find out and started off to find about it. I met our placement officer, who was very eager to find out how i missed it.. (she kept saying that i had a good chance for this company. She even did some publicity about my work). Any way we got to the msit block where the interviews were being conducted.. the person who typed out the list in the mail had corrected the list he had with him by then.. and was brilliant enough not to intimate the same through an email. I was lucky to decide that i would go and find out about it.

I was very exited that i was shortlisted for the interview, called up home (which my friends discouraged but i did any way), told them about the situation and that i had an interview at 11.20pm. There was a note from my prof on my desk,.. so i decided i would meet him and tell him about nvidia.. went to his office and informed him that i got to the interview for nvidia. He did not seem to be interested in what i was saying.. so i told him that i would do the work he had specified in the note and returned to my room to prepare for the interview. After about 15mins, i recieve a call from sk saying that my prof was waiting for me in the lab along with nvidias' director. I had to rush back to the lab.. I was really delighted.. i gave the demo of the tool i have been working on.. and the nvidia person seemed pretty impressed. I was really awestruck i never thought that my prof would help me out to this extent.. my confidence boosted pretty much for which i did say thank you to my prof (which by no means is enough).

The time passed by as i was rushing through various data structure programs (reversing linked list, binary tree operations, Graphics basics, GPU etc). By 9.00pm i decided to close the prep part and get ready for the interview.. i had a big plan.. ( bath, press shirt, collect cv then go ) but just as i was getting ready.. i got a phone call from MSIT saying that my cv was required immediatly. I did not want to rush and spoil all the pleasentness in my mind, so took my time to get ready and arrived at the MSIT block. There were not many people there, interviews being conducted by two people and they were lagging behind the schedule by an hour. I decided i would not make myself tense by spending time outside the interview room. I straight away followed Harsha's lead and joined him in an age game (which i won very comfortably) .

Eye lids becoming heavier and heavier.. time seemed to have paused ..i was eager to get it over with.. i found out that there were only 10people more to be interviewed and i was one among them. I was pretty sure that the interviewer would be in a dull, sleepy frustrated mood and i had to be exited and show some activeness.. I had to be loud and clear and most of all not rush to get out of the interview room (Lessons learnt the hard way from Sarnoff experience). I freshened my self up and prepared for the interview. I was being shaken by other's confidence and their reaction after the interview.. but managed to keep myself above that stress. I had this hidden confidence that i would make it through.. i guess the prof and plaement officer effect had some role to play in it :). Walked into the interview room and ...

I as usual shook hands with him and sat in the chair.. "So you have worked on intermediate view synthasis.." i was like.. what the hell.. this is my fyp.. any way i did not want to straight away say that i did not do the intermediate view part .. so i explained him the view morphing algorithm, assumptions it made etc.. (stated them as if it were our algorithm). Any way.. the guy seemed to be happy he asked me what an intermediate view was and what the inputs were. I managed to take the interview from the Intermediate view to the "Editor"(mentioned about presentation i made to Mr.B) and then slowly to the "Teddy" tool explained him about the tool and explained the implementation part as well. I told him that i was really very much interested in graphics and that i had coded many games. I even mentioned about the GPU programming that i had learnet in the workshop.. told him how i liked implementing water, fur and other effects. "how do you implement water" I gave him a brief overview of the whole process and how vertex shader is better than cpu doing the same thing. He seemed impressed... then out of no where he jumped to "1)int+int, 2)int+float, 3)float+float" which of the following takes max time. I thought for a while and decided to take option 2) reason.."int" has to be converted to "float" and then floating point addition. Then he started off asking me about how a floating point would be represented mantessa, exponet etc etc.. which i could not answer very well. That was the last question and i really felt bad for myself for screwing the interview. The results were evaluated for about 15-20mins and then the list was released.. I was really shocked to find my name among the six people selected.. I and bama intend to stay together at pune.
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