Wednesday, September 21, 2005

WC day

It was like a whole gaming day today.played all quake for about 1.30hrs early in the evening... and then Tiger calls me up and says that he is on campus and invited me to play WC i accepted the invitation.. i was very eager to play warcraft. So we started off with the boring games against the computers. Then i proposed that we play 1v1.. tiger and i played against each other.. and he defeated me badly.. i did not know what i was doing.. i was wasting time in the game and all that.. any way the fun part was when we began playing the 2v2 :) me + tiger vs 2 more.. those games rocked one tower rush, one normal army rush, and then finally against sham and mouli i went and destroyed his farms :)) it was really fun to play.

And finally when i was about the leave to hostel i wanted to give one last try to that py2exe thing and why the hell does it have to bug me so much. So came to cvit and started working on it. Guess what.. could not do anything about it :( still the same problem. Then all my typical game designing fever started all over again.. x( this sux.. i really have to do something about this. This passion is killing me.. must try and concentrate on my thesis work.
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