Thursday, September 22, 2005

Things Done Today

A little progress in the editor tool, networks tutorial about the IIIt's network. Played quake with spiter bot, warcraft vs normal(orcs) lost and then realized that ive' got to attack without break which lead me towinning again :). Finally had a bath after 2 days..?? nah.. dont' remember...created presentation for networks tutorial. Should work on editor..!!! reading mails is taking much of my time.
Check out this website.. this guy did an awsome job with zbrush and maya found it from its' a wonderful site for getting hold of new work by many artists and ofcourse many cg movies as well.

Sech gave me a wonderful advice rather few words of wisdom regarding my mad love for creating games by foregoing the work im' supposed to do.. so im' kinda more stable than before :) by the way.. the words go like.. "GREAT.. I TOO WANT TO DO A LOT OF MATH AND READ A LOT OF PAPERS WITHOUT HAVING TO DEAL WITH THE OCR BUT THEN THIS IS NO GOOD FOR MY WORK.. DOESNT' HELP ME COMPLETE MY MS SO THIS MADNESS IS EQUIVALENT TO WATCHING MOVIE OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT.." then it struck me.. i have to complete my Thesis work and then i can do what i want.... is it?? will i get the job where i can do what i want to do so much??.. any way.. sounded great for the time being.. so taking his advice and trying to concentrate on my work again.
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