Saturday, September 17, 2005


The result from pyweek is out finally. It is kinda funny way of judging.. the games...
its' ok that peer entrants will be rating the game.. infact this is a very good idea.. but
then.. there is no compulsory rule that every entrant should rate all the others i think
that really effects the outcome of the results... any way i lost in this game programming
competetion... funny coz.. i thought we did the most we could do .... used python to its
limits.. actually python is not meant to be used for fps games and all but we did all kinds'
of damn' optimizations and got a reasonable fps....seems like python users dont' like
fps games. I know people might think that im' writing such remarks just because i did not
manage to get any position in the competetion.. well they are right.
I don't think i will be participating in any of the game designing competetions any more..
its' kinda painful to see my games going down to some silly lame ass 2D games.
Life just isnt' fair.
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