Sunday, September 04, 2005

Python Surprise

Today was the most exiting day. Completed coding for pyweek1
a game designing contest. Created a FPS in python using pygame
and pyOpenGL :)) it was very alarming to me at first, but then..
python proved to be faster than i thought it actually is. We could
actually get around 120fps in the game.

The ncc paper deadline is 5th sep and im' not even ready with the
final 5 pages :( i dont' know what to put in the refs and not sure
what to do.. just editing what ever prof told me. Hope ill' send my
first paper.
Swamy adviced me to make a website for my games and send
prof a mail telling him about my latest advances. Im' really not
sure if my prof would like this. But iv'e decided ill' do it, after
ive' got nothing to loose in it. Just showing him what i have been
doing besides thesis work.
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