Tuesday, September 20, 2005

JGT work started

Journel of Graphics tools is my next target :) have to write
a journel paper explaining the tool ive' developed. The
most frustrating part is that i have to change the code again
for supporting other file formats like povray, point to point
correspondence etc. Still have to get started with my thesis work,
did not work much on that yet. Lessons learnt from pyweek...
features of game engine are not important.. only the game play
is important. The code need not be generic, it has to be playable.
the only things that matter are looks and fun of the game.
Will have to forget about pyweek soon and start concentrating
on my work. It's not like i was the least in the lot... :) at least im' in the
top 10 entries.. :) there were about 120 or so entries at the beginning
of the contest.. then finally it was 25 teams which actually could submit
something.... 7th position out of 25 is not that bad :)
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