Thursday, September 22, 2005

Things Done Today

A little progress in the editor tool, networks tutorial about the IIIt's network. Played quake with spiter bot, warcraft vs normal(orcs) lost and then realized that ive' got to attack without break which lead me towinning again :). Finally had a bath after 2 days..?? nah.. dont' remember...created presentation for networks tutorial. Should work on editor..!!! reading mails is taking much of my time.
Check out this website.. this guy did an awsome job with zbrush and maya found it from its' a wonderful site for getting hold of new work by many artists and ofcourse many cg movies as well.

Sech gave me a wonderful advice rather few words of wisdom regarding my mad love for creating games by foregoing the work im' supposed to do.. so im' kinda more stable than before :) by the way.. the words go like.. "GREAT.. I TOO WANT TO DO A LOT OF MATH AND READ A LOT OF PAPERS WITHOUT HAVING TO DEAL WITH THE OCR BUT THEN THIS IS NO GOOD FOR MY WORK.. DOESNT' HELP ME COMPLETE MY MS SO THIS MADNESS IS EQUIVALENT TO WATCHING MOVIE OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT.." then it struck me.. i have to complete my Thesis work and then i can do what i want.... is it?? will i get the job where i can do what i want to do so much??.. any way.. sounded great for the time being.. so taking his advice and trying to concentrate on my work again.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

WC day

It was like a whole gaming day today.played all quake for about 1.30hrs early in the evening... and then Tiger calls me up and says that he is on campus and invited me to play WC i accepted the invitation.. i was very eager to play warcraft. So we started off with the boring games against the computers. Then i proposed that we play 1v1.. tiger and i played against each other.. and he defeated me badly.. i did not know what i was doing.. i was wasting time in the game and all that.. any way the fun part was when we began playing the 2v2 :) me + tiger vs 2 more.. those games rocked one tower rush, one normal army rush, and then finally against sham and mouli i went and destroyed his farms :)) it was really fun to play.

And finally when i was about the leave to hostel i wanted to give one last try to that py2exe thing and why the hell does it have to bug me so much. So came to cvit and started working on it. Guess what.. could not do anything about it :( still the same problem. Then all my typical game designing fever started all over again.. x( this sux.. i really have to do something about this. This passion is killing me.. must try and concentrate on my thesis work.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

JGT work started

Journel of Graphics tools is my next target :) have to write
a journel paper explaining the tool ive' developed. The
most frustrating part is that i have to change the code again
for supporting other file formats like povray, point to point
correspondence etc. Still have to get started with my thesis work,
did not work much on that yet. Lessons learnt from pyweek...
features of game engine are not important.. only the game play
is important. The code need not be generic, it has to be playable.
the only things that matter are looks and fun of the game.
Will have to forget about pyweek soon and start concentrating
on my work. It's not like i was the least in the lot... :) at least im' in the
top 10 entries.. :) there were about 120 or so entries at the beginning
of the contest.. then finally it was 25 teams which actually could submit
something.... 7th position out of 25 is not that bad :)

Saturday, September 17, 2005


The result from pyweek is out finally. It is kinda funny way of judging.. the games...
its' ok that peer entrants will be rating the game.. infact this is a very good idea.. but
then.. there is no compulsory rule that every entrant should rate all the others i think
that really effects the outcome of the results... any way i lost in this game programming
competetion... funny coz.. i thought we did the most we could do .... used python to its
limits.. actually python is not meant to be used for fps games and all but we did all kinds'
of damn' optimizations and got a reasonable fps....seems like python users dont' like
fps games. I know people might think that im' writing such remarks just because i did not
manage to get any position in the competetion.. well they are right.
I don't think i will be participating in any of the game designing competetions any more..
its' kinda painful to see my games going down to some silly lame ass 2D games.
Life just isnt' fair.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Python Surprise

Today was the most exiting day. Completed coding for pyweek1
a game designing contest. Created a FPS in python using pygame
and pyOpenGL :)) it was very alarming to me at first, but then..
python proved to be faster than i thought it actually is. We could
actually get around 120fps in the game.

The ncc paper deadline is 5th sep and im' not even ready with the
final 5 pages :( i dont' know what to put in the refs and not sure
what to do.. just editing what ever prof told me. Hope ill' send my
first paper.
Swamy adviced me to make a website for my games and send
prof a mail telling him about my latest advances. Im' really not
sure if my prof would like this. But iv'e decided ill' do it, after
ive' got nothing to loose in it. Just showing him what i have been
doing besides thesis work.