Sunday, July 24, 2005

Progress so far...

The game development has slogged a bit since the college has
begun. PJN asked me to read about some latest developments
in the field of animation rather than the old basics, which by the
way he only suggested me to read in the first place. So could finally
complete reading the paper.
The game related stuff have not moved at the pace i expected them
to move but then ive' been searching the net for the MD2 models
that could be used in the game. Could find some models but i wanted
to make some changes to the models for which i could not find a good
editor. The editors i relied on so much turned out to be crap on XP
so have been trying for a new editor... downloaded k3d seemed to be
a decently good software.. but could not get it running on FC4 due
to some problem in the gcc 4.0 compiler. MilkShape3D the software
i thought would solve my problems ended up putting me deep in to
trouble.. could not find an appropriate crack for the software.
Decided ill' go with the models i already have. Trying to design stuff
on AC3D and put them in the game. Created a tree model.. actually
3 models two of which were very high polygonal models.. but the
experiance i gained from those two helped me develop a better low
polygon tree :) . I also tried to optimize the terrain rendering but
could not improve much the fps is already something like 100fps
im' afraid to proceed coz there is going to be a lot of action and lot more
polygons on the screen and cannot afford that much loss have to
improve the terrain rendering.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Completed Reading First paper

I've sucessfully completed reading the first paper
related to animation... Principles of Traditional
animation applied to 3D animation. The paper mostly
explains how the animations should be so that they
are appealing to the audience. It does mention about
some of the spline based techniques and the problems
associated with spline based keyframe animation softwares.
Finally put in some of the ideas about the game
i want to write on the paper :) have to start and see
how it goes.

Hope again...!!

Completed what ever pjn has asked me to create..the
damn dataset..have to prepare for the reading list.
I hope this is the end of the data set generation
toolkit. Worked the whole morning on creating new
homepage. A good looking webpage again.. thanks to i could manage to create a good home page,
and change the look of the aweful cvit portal.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Md2 in Editor

Finally had to write code for importing the
Md2 objects into editor which i completed
sucessfully but the problem with scaling..
now iv'e got to write the code for scaling
the objects.
The terrain is finally kinda complete but
im' still not sure about what im' going
to do next.. to develop adrian further
or to start off with writing a new game..
there are the questions haunting me right now.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Terrain Almost done

Finally completed the texturing of the terrain
after much struggle. Could not have been possible
without kedar's help :)
Did a bouncing ball scene pjn asked me to do it.
Lot of confusion about rendring depthmaps (editor
was not storing the depthmaps properly).
Have to start working on terrain generation.
Integrating Md2 into the editor.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Lots of ideas...

Lots of ideas are flashing up in my mind
unable to concentrate on anything. Have to
complete this new game as soon as possible.
Searched lot about quake2bots could not
find unreal tournament models file format.
useful q2botlinks
completed the automatic texture generation
doesnt' look impressive have to do some thing
about the texture.
Pjn asked me to create some good depth maps,
so using md2 again for animation :)

Just Another Day..

could not stop myself from playing age.
Did not write the texture generation program.
Read about the Animation basics from sigraph site.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Terrain Rendering

Finally got the light effect to work
with the terrain :) thoguth i would
never be able to do it.
Still have to work about texturing
the terrain.
Resolution: Should do this when i get
time instead of playing games.