Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Surprises all day long

First of all today early in the morning @ 8.45 i recieve a phone call
from home asking me if i had completed all my exams.. ;) how weird
is that.. it was my sister.. she got a dream about me failing in something
and was showing the cards about it to my dad and there was my dad's
car number on it. I told here that it should have been my driving license
test :).
So i sleep on.. enjoying the loss of my driving license exam which by
the way i never was at.. and woke up at 12.30 .. my usual wakeup time.
Came to lab and asked PJN if i could go home tomorrow.. he thought
that i had decieded to go home tomorrow and said "Y ARE YOU TELLING
ME SO LATE??" .. well i did not understand that he did not understand
that i was asking him if i could go home tomorrow. Any how i said ill' be
home for about a week to 10 days. He seemed happy with that :)) .. he said
that i had to start working as soon as i return ( oh ya.. lets' see about that ).
Mean while.. i recieved a mail from <> who
happened to read the tutorial i wrote for putting up system tray icon using
qt and kde libraries. He was facing some problems and sent to me to see
if i can help him out.. helloo!!! im' more than happy to be helping out
somebody regarding Qt :D. I sent him a long mail explaining him what
could have gone wrong.. have to see if i was too dumb at answering his
query :)
For the rest of the day today ive' planned to wash my clothes
which i've left soaking since 3 days .. Yuk!! then ive' got to play cricket..
and then finally get my bus tickets booked for my journey home.