Friday, May 27, 2005

Struggle for Survival

The struggle between the good and evil continues
as i try to help my good side win the battle.
I've been trying very hard to stop playing games
and really start working on my thesis and project.
Pjn is out of station and the gamers are loose
on the campus.. its' really very hard to control
myself and prevent myself from playing games :(
Met venki and visu today.. they came to meet us
at college and went out for dinner and i went
to bed early..:)

Struggle for Survival

The struggle of the good over evil has started...
and im' trying hard to make the good win. Its'
kinda holiday time.. pjn is out of station and
age players and cz players are rocking the campus
every hour and im' struggling to keep myself on
the track of doing work.
Just as i thought i was sucessful i recieved a
phone call from Venki. He came to campus for
the first time after he has started living with
visu and co. So had to go to meet him. Had fun
talking to visu and venki and then they took off
to have dinner @ RB. I was all alone... thought
i should go to sleep and that's what i did. :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I got MAIL!!!

Just another day in the lab i was struggling to read as usual..
unable to take the heat of reading the Research papers i started
redesigning my webpage, checking my emails in the mean while.
I saw a mail from pjn which said "AWAY" i was confused by the
subject name. Any way i just clicked on it and read the mail and
was exited to know that pjn was going out of station for nearly
10 to 15 days.. but the exitement did not last long.. the next
lines in the message were regarding some kinda reading requirement
for the Ms/R students. I have to prepare a list of papers that
i've got to read :(( i asked pjn about the same, he asked me to
prepare a list of 50 papers from which he would select about 15
to 10 papers which would have to be read in detail in a systematic
manner which he mentioned in the mail. So i started to search for
more papers related to animation and computer graphics.I could
not continue it any more.. i was being pinged by the ideas of
changing my home page.. and i had to do something about it.. so
i started off by drawing stuff to be put up on every page. It
turned out fine.. but then it was totally unnecessary.. i was not
free i had lot of work to do yet i was changing my home page..
waiting eagerly for the time to go past 4.30pm so that i can
run away from the lab and play cricket.
And yahoo i completed the drawings for my home page.. it now looks
more lively ( i guess ),
i was adoring the looks of my new home page when i got the
call for Cricket :)
What happened in the ground is another wonderful experience..
my team was "me, eric, bachan, thunder, sreeram" myself and sreeram
went to bat in first we could not put in much score.. the whole team
was out with score of 37.We had to bowl tight.. but then we could not
do any thing about it.. Pondy was in good form he was hitting any
ball any where.. :( and the match was a disaster to our team as expected.
Then in the next game i wanted to put up a good fight so bowled first
and their batsmen could not get much out of my over, next sreeram
bowled and that was a good over too that score was 4 after 2 overs.
Then this new guy who joined our team started to bowl and pondy was
batting.. he hit him like hell and then the score was 46 finally
after 5 overs. And again our batting lineup was screwed and SB
was bowling the final over and myself batting for an impossible to
win game. Suddenly SB comes running and throws the ball right at me..
( litrally threw it.. ) G.r.r.r what the hell was wrong with him..
any way i took it to be his imitation of my bowling.. they keep
complaining that my bowling is a throw.. well whats' theirs.. first
class bowling??'s just a fun game.. but throwing the ball
like that was totally Insane. SB tried to pleed to me but i was not
in a position to hear or understand him.I just walked away silently.
I felt like calling home after the long Frustrating day so called
home.. mom picked up and was very happy to hear from me.. told me
loads of stuff about who came to house what she has been doing..
how the fishs' are growing.. :) and how she told dad that i sent him
a shirt i did not send for his birthday.. i was very happy to know
that.. i damn' did not get the idea i could do that :( well any way
i m' happy to know that my mom did it for me :) hmm end of day was
kinda usual i played age and went to sleep.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Surprises all day long

First of all today early in the morning @ 8.45 i recieve a phone call
from home asking me if i had completed all my exams.. ;) how weird
is that.. it was my sister.. she got a dream about me failing in something
and was showing the cards about it to my dad and there was my dad's
car number on it. I told here that it should have been my driving license
test :).
So i sleep on.. enjoying the loss of my driving license exam which by
the way i never was at.. and woke up at 12.30 .. my usual wakeup time.
Came to lab and asked PJN if i could go home tomorrow.. he thought
that i had decieded to go home tomorrow and said "Y ARE YOU TELLING
ME SO LATE??" .. well i did not understand that he did not understand
that i was asking him if i could go home tomorrow. Any how i said ill' be
home for about a week to 10 days. He seemed happy with that :)) .. he said
that i had to start working as soon as i return ( oh ya.. lets' see about that ).
Mean while.. i recieved a mail from <> who
happened to read the tutorial i wrote for putting up system tray icon using
qt and kde libraries. He was facing some problems and sent to me to see
if i can help him out.. helloo!!! im' more than happy to be helping out
somebody regarding Qt :D. I sent him a long mail explaining him what
could have gone wrong.. have to see if i was too dumb at answering his
query :)
For the rest of the day today ive' planned to wash my clothes
which i've left soaking since 3 days .. Yuk!! then ive' got to play cricket..
and then finally get my bus tickets booked for my journey home.