Thursday, April 28, 2005

I dunno what i'm doing

Im' woke up at 12 again.. and felt sorry for myself
that im' unable to do any thing with my life and time
and more over.. started feeling that sashi is kinda
taking advantage of me by making me do all the
stuff he wants' for his paper and not even telling
about it to pjn.
I think that really sux. hmm well now im' playing
quake, cricket etc.. and just having fun not even
completing the work i'm supposed to do.
The raytracing stuff is still stuck where it was
a week ago.I've got the RA ship form signed though,
hope i get 6k atleast for the summer RA :)
played quake with dupi, nutt, venki and i dont' know
Seems like end of day to me :)

Sunday, April 24, 2005

What a Mess!!!

Tried a stupid strategy for waking up early and sleeping early .. turns out
that im' a complete idiot to have tried that... :( my attempt to do a night out
failed and woke up at 1.40pm :(( any way could not take it any more.. had
to do something about it.. so ate in the mess as a punishment.. and then
started writing this post in the lab.
Ive' been wasting lot of time since 4 days.. did nothing but play and play..
waking up at 11.00am , having lunch.. then by the time i could realize.. i was
playing cricket @ 4.30.. then since im' tired.. i just sit in venki's room which
by the way is free now coz.. cheddi and venki both are out of station. And the
worst thing is that ive' been trying to play age and quake.. but could not find
anybody to play :( thats' the biggest funniest part.. not being able to find a
partner for playing games.. that sux. Well that's the whole problem since
4 days.. hope ill' do better from now on...

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Work Today :((

Met my prof today to discuss about the damn project..
guess what.. he asks me to modify the raytracing algorithm
to get the depth information for each and every pixel. of the
image.. :((