Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Next Gen Cars ...Gaming Platforms

Slashdot has an article about nissan and microsoft trying to integrate their next technologies together. The nissans' new concept car would come equiped with an Xbox 360. When the car is parked, you can just bring up the flip LCD monitor and play the game 'Project Gotham Racing 3' by controling the real steering, accelerator etc. Hmm.. one question.. why use the LCD instead of trying to project something on the front glass??, I think it would be a really good experience for the gamer if there were some provision for projecting the video output onto the front glass.

I have been looking at the review i got from NCC and was wondering.. does blender really have such good api support which would allow simple python scripts to create depthmaps etc. So just to clarify that and find out if any work has been done so far for using blender in Computer Vision. To my surprise found some work related to getting camera calibration for blender. The api was another shock to me.. it provided support for using opengl calls directly, creating widgets (buttons, dropdown boxes etc) and api for accessing the scene details as well. I included about this in the jgt paper and informed my prof about the same. Have to see how it goes...

Monday, December 26, 2005

To Go or Not To Go

I've been waiting for a job so that i could go home.. and enjoy.. Nvidia is good enough for me.. and so i wanted to go home.. but the deadline for first week in Jan has put me in a dilema. I dont' want to seem like an a$$ in front of my prof asking him if i could go home just when he sent me info regarding the deadline and helped me out with the job. I've decided to wait till the ACCV thing gets over.. we (myself and bama) realized that Nvidia pune is a recent aquisition of PCA or some company like that... not sure if we are doing the right thing by getting there. We sent a mail to the director nvidia pune to find out more about the work they do.
I was trying to meet my prof all day.. to talk to him about the progress, but he was quite busy with some guests and meetings. I really want to complete my Masters as soon as possible. I hope my prof would help me do that.
Yesterday gave a party to my juniors in CVIT at Chutneys' the food was really good and we really had a lot of fun there.. Hyd is really chilling these days.. ive' never experienced such chill since years. I dont' remember if it was ever this cold.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Chronicle of Nvidia

I meet my placement officer at the main building, to my surprise, she remembered my name.. not only that she knew that i was waiting for Nvidia :) Deshaw was on campus that day... Nvidia was supposed to give a preplacement talk and conduct their test. Nvidia did not arrive.. so some more misery preparing for the exam and the interview.
Nvidia comes to campus, conducts written test, Test was conducted twice (due to delay in the arrival of the question sheets and answersheets). During the test we were specifically asked not to write anything on the question paper and that we would be disqualified for doing so, but due to exitement and carelessness i had accidentally written on the question paper.. i really thougth i would be disqualified. The final list of the candidates who got selected for the interview was sent to us through an e-mail. I could not find my name in the list.. (which was quite surprising coz we were informed that the cutoff was just 10marks out of 40). Well there was this name "P.Vamshi Krishna" in the list that was sent. I was unaware of any person with that name.. thought it might be somebody from the MSIT. Dejected and disappointed i returned to cvit where suman was consoling me.. some how he thought that there was no person with that name who has written the test. We checked it out with the previous mails, then checked for user logins on students account. It was clear that there was something wrong.. i wanted to find out and started off to find about it. I met our placement officer, who was very eager to find out how i missed it.. (she kept saying that i had a good chance for this company. She even did some publicity about my work). Any way we got to the msit block where the interviews were being conducted.. the person who typed out the list in the mail had corrected the list he had with him by then.. and was brilliant enough not to intimate the same through an email. I was lucky to decide that i would go and find out about it.

I was very exited that i was shortlisted for the interview, called up home (which my friends discouraged but i did any way), told them about the situation and that i had an interview at 11.20pm. There was a note from my prof on my desk,.. so i decided i would meet him and tell him about nvidia.. went to his office and informed him that i got to the interview for nvidia. He did not seem to be interested in what i was saying.. so i told him that i would do the work he had specified in the note and returned to my room to prepare for the interview. After about 15mins, i recieve a call from sk saying that my prof was waiting for me in the lab along with nvidias' director. I had to rush back to the lab.. I was really delighted.. i gave the demo of the tool i have been working on.. and the nvidia person seemed pretty impressed. I was really awestruck i never thought that my prof would help me out to this extent.. my confidence boosted pretty much for which i did say thank you to my prof (which by no means is enough).

The time passed by as i was rushing through various data structure programs (reversing linked list, binary tree operations, Graphics basics, GPU etc). By 9.00pm i decided to close the prep part and get ready for the interview.. i had a big plan.. ( bath, press shirt, collect cv then go ) but just as i was getting ready.. i got a phone call from MSIT saying that my cv was required immediatly. I did not want to rush and spoil all the pleasentness in my mind, so took my time to get ready and arrived at the MSIT block. There were not many people there, interviews being conducted by two people and they were lagging behind the schedule by an hour. I decided i would not make myself tense by spending time outside the interview room. I straight away followed Harsha's lead and joined him in an age game (which i won very comfortably) .

Eye lids becoming heavier and heavier.. time seemed to have paused ..i was eager to get it over with.. i found out that there were only 10people more to be interviewed and i was one among them. I was pretty sure that the interviewer would be in a dull, sleepy frustrated mood and i had to be exited and show some activeness.. I had to be loud and clear and most of all not rush to get out of the interview room (Lessons learnt the hard way from Sarnoff experience). I freshened my self up and prepared for the interview. I was being shaken by other's confidence and their reaction after the interview.. but managed to keep myself above that stress. I had this hidden confidence that i would make it through.. i guess the prof and plaement officer effect had some role to play in it :). Walked into the interview room and ...

I as usual shook hands with him and sat in the chair.. "So you have worked on intermediate view synthasis.." i was like.. what the hell.. this is my fyp.. any way i did not want to straight away say that i did not do the intermediate view part .. so i explained him the view morphing algorithm, assumptions it made etc.. (stated them as if it were our algorithm). Any way.. the guy seemed to be happy he asked me what an intermediate view was and what the inputs were. I managed to take the interview from the Intermediate view to the "Editor"(mentioned about presentation i made to Mr.B) and then slowly to the "Teddy" tool explained him about the tool and explained the implementation part as well. I told him that i was really very much interested in graphics and that i had coded many games. I even mentioned about the GPU programming that i had learnet in the workshop.. told him how i liked implementing water, fur and other effects. "how do you implement water" I gave him a brief overview of the whole process and how vertex shader is better than cpu doing the same thing. He seemed impressed... then out of no where he jumped to "1)int+int, 2)int+float, 3)float+float" which of the following takes max time. I thought for a while and decided to take option 2) reason.."int" has to be converted to "float" and then floating point addition. Then he started off asking me about how a floating point would be represented mantessa, exponet etc etc.. which i could not answer very well. That was the last question and i really felt bad for myself for screwing the interview. The results were evaluated for about 15-20mins and then the list was released.. I was really shocked to find my name among the six people selected.. I and bama intend to stay together at pune.

Saturday, December 17, 2005


Ncc2006 paper rejected and the comments were awesome.. did not know how to react to them (oops sry there was only one comment). I guess i was too stupid to assume that it would be accepted. I guess this and my B grade in CV had something to do with my bad performance the other day at Sarnoff's interview. Still thinking about the great loss.. i could not concentrate on anything.. could not talk to my parents coz i knew it was a gross mistake to let go of sarnoff chance. I did not have anything to cheer me up.. Tejo to the rescue.. the came along to my lab as usual.. and started bugging me asking why i did not submit my resume to "Dhruva" well thought it was not a bad idea and decided to go for it.. and sent my resume to them. They seemed impressed with :) I was shortlisted for the interview. The contact person informed that he would like to know when i was completing my course. I informed him about the same and he responded asking me to remind him after im' done with my course. That was quite an achievement given my current state of mind. Besides that my prof and I had a look at the presentation regarding the tool, came up with some changes and put them on paper. Im' still supposed to implement that Teddy paper which keeps getting me into problems due to which i have a hard time completing it. Its' far from complete and i think my thesis is based on that.. hope i dont' extend my thesis for another sem.
Nvidia and M$IDC have become my prime targets besides completing my thesis this sem. They will be coming to campus soon and i hope im' well prepared for them. There is too much competetion and more over ive' managed to sucessfully screw my cg to just above 7.5 so an added disadvantage :)) "Oh GOD HELP ME GET THROUGH THIS".

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Sarnoff is a company which works in the areas of Object tracking etc. Essentially all their products are based on computer vision. I made it as a dream option because we were informed that they are looking for vision students exclusively. With my bleak knowledge at Computer Vision i was sure i would not be able to make it even through the written test (which by the way was a test asking basics of vision). Thirteen of the graduating students (including me) went to attend the test. The people from sarnoff were surprised to see such less turnup, they were expecting around 40 people. So we wrote the test and (which started about 1 and half hours late due to their delayed arrival), and wandered away to the hostel. None of us had any hopes about qualifying the written test due to the obvious fact that we were not sure if we knew CV :). The results were
out and we were shocked to see that twelve of us were shortlisted for the interviews. We went back to the main building. I had to wait for the interview (believe me it felt like eternity). When my turn came.. i went in and was really eager to get out of there..I did not feel comfortable sitting there and talking to the interviewers. I did not know what i was talking.. i was stammering. "What are the sequence of OpenGL calls that have to be made so that i can specify light relative to camera?" This question was the beggining of my downfall at the interview. I did not have any answer to this question.. and for some reason i was reluctant to think about the answer to this question.
glMatrixMode( GL_MODELVIEW );
glLoadIdentity( );
glLightfv( .... );
gluLookAt( .. );
would work for this but i did not bother to think about it and told them straight away that i did not know the answer.
"What is an image Pyramid?" Second Question for which i had no answer ..
"What are Open and Close Operations?" Morphological operators.. well could not recollect the answer for this either. After such an astonishing performance at the first interview I knew there was no chance that i would be called for the second interview, but miracle again.. I was called for the second interview, I had to run all the way from the hostel to the Interview room... this time the panel had 4 members.. series of questions flowed and my answers to most of them... "not sure" I could see the diappointment on their faces, I could not help it.. I was not thinking right.. they had to catch a flight at 6.45pm and it was already like so i though if i delay my answer they would not be able to make it to the air port in time and so on so forth.. So if i knew the answer i just said it out.. if not, did not bother to take time and think about it.. just said my magic words "not sure". I'm repenting for having done that.. felt like i dropped the oppurtunity of my life just like that without any fight. Hope i do not repeat such silly things again.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

IBM story

With fading confidence due to losses at Adobe and Google, and the feeling of guilt about not attending the Tcs test have created a lot of presure on my mind. Really had to break free of all the anxaiety. Felt like i was going to land up without any job in hand and be on the road.. really needed something for boosting my moral.
I decided to attend the IBMs' test on 10/12/2005, the test was fairly simple.. i was expecting to get through for ISL( software labs ) but could not find my name in that list... i was really disappointed about the outcome. Kirti kiran was really supportive at this point.. he kept assuring me that i would be in for some list. Any way i ended up in the short list for AMS (global services). I was really disappointed about it.. but then.. my pop called up and asked me not to bother about it and to attend the interview. Sounded great to me.. This was my first interview ever for a job so thought i might as well take a shot at it. I was quite confident.. but was still worried about what they would ask me during the interview session. 10/12/2005, 2.30pm we assembled in a room waiting for our chance of interview session.The volunteers were calling out names and taking those people for interviews. Sumanth arrived at the scene (he was among the volunteers) he said they needed 4 people so myself, arvkrishna, balakrishna and some other guy went for the interview. We were asked to sit outside the interview rooms. I and arvind sat next to each other, we had nothing to talk due to the obvious nerviousness. I managed to break the ice and started talking about resumes etc.. one of the employees was very tired and occupied the other chair next to me. I wanted to free my mind of any tension so just started to talk with him.. asked him where he came from, where he was currently working (location) and if the infrastructure for ibm was ready at HYD (i.e office space etc). He answered those questions to the point we shook hands and he left.
I was more confident than ever and was sure i would do great.. every minute passing by felt like an hour.. i was really anxious to get into the interview room.. but then.. i allowed another MTech person to get in before me. I was then called into the same interview room.. i was surprised to see that there were two panels in the same room (ofcourse only one person at one pannel). I shook hands with the panel members,
told them my name was vamsi. They asked me for my resume and were looking at it while i was eagerly waiting for them to ask some questions.
"Whats' this MS/R?" asked one of the interviewrs.. I was delighted to answer that question.. told them about how we are supposed to work on some research project and do courses and publish papers etc.
i told them that its not like MTech where were just supposed to do courses and leave. Then the same interviewer asked me "Why did you opt for MS instead of Job after BTech?" Told him that i was really interested in graphics and that i wanted to know what graphics is all about and that was the reason for me to take up Ms programme. "What were the other options you had other than Ms?" Well this was a fairly easy question.. :)) I told him about the infosys offer that i had before joining Ms.. told him that i had foregone that job just to do my Masters. He asked me if i would do my Phd.. i smiled and said.."Ya ofcourse.. in 3 to 4 years from now.. i would go for it.. well then im' not sure about it.. but i'm really sure that i want to take a break from my acads for now." He seemed pretty impressed with these answers..:)
then about my TA .. he asked me how i felt about it.. and what i would prefer.. Fetching or Satisfacton.. I did not want to screw up so said.. "It's like a tradeoff between both of them" he then asked me if i would be interested in a job at ibm for teaching the newly recruited employees.. I said that would be great...and that i would love to do such a job. He just saw me.. saw the other panel memeber and said "That's all we are through with you". I was like what the hell.. this was supposed to be a Tech interview.. but then.. i just smiled.. stood up shook hands.. said i was glad to meet them.. and walked out of the room. I was asked to wait and then taken to a room where we were asked to fill some forms.
I thought i was in already.. but then there was another interview.. i thought it would be a real tech interview and that i might screw it up. Turned out it was another kinda HR interview. Somesh's manager was the interviewer there.. i was lucky enough not to screw it up either :) and finally i was informed that i made it to the company.
My mom seems really happy about this.. Actually i've got my confidence back and im' sure i will be able to work better from now on :) concentrate well on the things im' supposed to do and all that :).

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Things Done Today

A little progress in the editor tool, networks tutorial about the IIIt's network. Played quake with spiter bot, warcraft vs normal(orcs) lost and then realized that ive' got to attack without break which lead me towinning again :). Finally had a bath after 2 days..?? nah.. dont' remember...created presentation for networks tutorial. Should work on editor..!!! reading mails is taking much of my time.
Check out this website.. this guy did an awsome job with zbrush and maya found it from its' a wonderful site for getting hold of new work by many artists and ofcourse many cg movies as well.

Sech gave me a wonderful advice rather few words of wisdom regarding my mad love for creating games by foregoing the work im' supposed to do.. so im' kinda more stable than before :) by the way.. the words go like.. "GREAT.. I TOO WANT TO DO A LOT OF MATH AND READ A LOT OF PAPERS WITHOUT HAVING TO DEAL WITH THE OCR BUT THEN THIS IS NO GOOD FOR MY WORK.. DOESNT' HELP ME COMPLETE MY MS SO THIS MADNESS IS EQUIVALENT TO WATCHING MOVIE OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT.." then it struck me.. i have to complete my Thesis work and then i can do what i want.... is it?? will i get the job where i can do what i want to do so much??.. any way.. sounded great for the time being.. so taking his advice and trying to concentrate on my work again.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

WC day

It was like a whole gaming day today.played all quake for about 1.30hrs early in the evening... and then Tiger calls me up and says that he is on campus and invited me to play WC i accepted the invitation.. i was very eager to play warcraft. So we started off with the boring games against the computers. Then i proposed that we play 1v1.. tiger and i played against each other.. and he defeated me badly.. i did not know what i was doing.. i was wasting time in the game and all that.. any way the fun part was when we began playing the 2v2 :) me + tiger vs 2 more.. those games rocked one tower rush, one normal army rush, and then finally against sham and mouli i went and destroyed his farms :)) it was really fun to play.

And finally when i was about the leave to hostel i wanted to give one last try to that py2exe thing and why the hell does it have to bug me so much. So came to cvit and started working on it. Guess what.. could not do anything about it :( still the same problem. Then all my typical game designing fever started all over again.. x( this sux.. i really have to do something about this. This passion is killing me.. must try and concentrate on my thesis work.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

JGT work started

Journel of Graphics tools is my next target :) have to write
a journel paper explaining the tool ive' developed. The
most frustrating part is that i have to change the code again
for supporting other file formats like povray, point to point
correspondence etc. Still have to get started with my thesis work,
did not work much on that yet. Lessons learnt from pyweek...
features of game engine are not important.. only the game play
is important. The code need not be generic, it has to be playable.
the only things that matter are looks and fun of the game.
Will have to forget about pyweek soon and start concentrating
on my work. It's not like i was the least in the lot... :) at least im' in the
top 10 entries.. :) there were about 120 or so entries at the beginning
of the contest.. then finally it was 25 teams which actually could submit
something.... 7th position out of 25 is not that bad :)

Saturday, September 17, 2005


The result from pyweek is out finally. It is kinda funny way of judging.. the games...
its' ok that peer entrants will be rating the game.. infact this is a very good idea.. but
then.. there is no compulsory rule that every entrant should rate all the others i think
that really effects the outcome of the results... any way i lost in this game programming
competetion... funny coz.. i thought we did the most we could do .... used python to its
limits.. actually python is not meant to be used for fps games and all but we did all kinds'
of damn' optimizations and got a reasonable fps....seems like python users dont' like
fps games. I know people might think that im' writing such remarks just because i did not
manage to get any position in the competetion.. well they are right.
I don't think i will be participating in any of the game designing competetions any more..
its' kinda painful to see my games going down to some silly lame ass 2D games.
Life just isnt' fair.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Python Surprise

Today was the most exiting day. Completed coding for pyweek1
a game designing contest. Created a FPS in python using pygame
and pyOpenGL :)) it was very alarming to me at first, but then..
python proved to be faster than i thought it actually is. We could
actually get around 120fps in the game.

The ncc paper deadline is 5th sep and im' not even ready with the
final 5 pages :( i dont' know what to put in the refs and not sure
what to do.. just editing what ever prof told me. Hope ill' send my
first paper.
Swamy adviced me to make a website for my games and send
prof a mail telling him about my latest advances. Im' really not
sure if my prof would like this. But iv'e decided ill' do it, after
ive' got nothing to loose in it. Just showing him what i have been
doing besides thesis work.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Progress so far...

The game development has slogged a bit since the college has
begun. PJN asked me to read about some latest developments
in the field of animation rather than the old basics, which by the
way he only suggested me to read in the first place. So could finally
complete reading the paper.
The game related stuff have not moved at the pace i expected them
to move but then ive' been searching the net for the MD2 models
that could be used in the game. Could find some models but i wanted
to make some changes to the models for which i could not find a good
editor. The editors i relied on so much turned out to be crap on XP
so have been trying for a new editor... downloaded k3d seemed to be
a decently good software.. but could not get it running on FC4 due
to some problem in the gcc 4.0 compiler. MilkShape3D the software
i thought would solve my problems ended up putting me deep in to
trouble.. could not find an appropriate crack for the software.
Decided ill' go with the models i already have. Trying to design stuff
on AC3D and put them in the game. Created a tree model.. actually
3 models two of which were very high polygonal models.. but the
experiance i gained from those two helped me develop a better low
polygon tree :) . I also tried to optimize the terrain rendering but
could not improve much the fps is already something like 100fps
im' afraid to proceed coz there is going to be a lot of action and lot more
polygons on the screen and cannot afford that much loss have to
improve the terrain rendering.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Completed Reading First paper

I've sucessfully completed reading the first paper
related to animation... Principles of Traditional
animation applied to 3D animation. The paper mostly
explains how the animations should be so that they
are appealing to the audience. It does mention about
some of the spline based techniques and the problems
associated with spline based keyframe animation softwares.
Finally put in some of the ideas about the game
i want to write on the paper :) have to start and see
how it goes.

Hope again...!!

Completed what ever pjn has asked me to create..the
damn dataset..have to prepare for the reading list.
I hope this is the end of the data set generation
toolkit. Worked the whole morning on creating new
homepage. A good looking webpage again.. thanks to i could manage to create a good home page,
and change the look of the aweful cvit portal.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Md2 in Editor

Finally had to write code for importing the
Md2 objects into editor which i completed
sucessfully but the problem with scaling..
now iv'e got to write the code for scaling
the objects.
The terrain is finally kinda complete but
im' still not sure about what im' going
to do next.. to develop adrian further
or to start off with writing a new game..
there are the questions haunting me right now.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Terrain Almost done

Finally completed the texturing of the terrain
after much struggle. Could not have been possible
without kedar's help :)
Did a bouncing ball scene pjn asked me to do it.
Lot of confusion about rendring depthmaps (editor
was not storing the depthmaps properly).
Have to start working on terrain generation.
Integrating Md2 into the editor.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Lots of ideas...

Lots of ideas are flashing up in my mind
unable to concentrate on anything. Have to
complete this new game as soon as possible.
Searched lot about quake2bots could not
find unreal tournament models file format.
useful q2botlinks
completed the automatic texture generation
doesnt' look impressive have to do some thing
about the texture.
Pjn asked me to create some good depth maps,
so using md2 again for animation :)

Just Another Day..

could not stop myself from playing age.
Did not write the texture generation program.
Read about the Animation basics from sigraph site.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Terrain Rendering

Finally got the light effect to work
with the terrain :) thoguth i would
never be able to do it.
Still have to work about texturing
the terrain.
Resolution: Should do this when i get
time instead of playing games.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Struggle for Survival

The struggle between the good and evil continues
as i try to help my good side win the battle.
I've been trying very hard to stop playing games
and really start working on my thesis and project.
Pjn is out of station and the gamers are loose
on the campus.. its' really very hard to control
myself and prevent myself from playing games :(
Met venki and visu today.. they came to meet us
at college and went out for dinner and i went
to bed early..:)

Struggle for Survival

The struggle of the good over evil has started...
and im' trying hard to make the good win. Its'
kinda holiday time.. pjn is out of station and
age players and cz players are rocking the campus
every hour and im' struggling to keep myself on
the track of doing work.
Just as i thought i was sucessful i recieved a
phone call from Venki. He came to campus for
the first time after he has started living with
visu and co. So had to go to meet him. Had fun
talking to visu and venki and then they took off
to have dinner @ RB. I was all alone... thought
i should go to sleep and that's what i did. :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I got MAIL!!!

Just another day in the lab i was struggling to read as usual..
unable to take the heat of reading the Research papers i started
redesigning my webpage, checking my emails in the mean while.
I saw a mail from pjn which said "AWAY" i was confused by the
subject name. Any way i just clicked on it and read the mail and
was exited to know that pjn was going out of station for nearly
10 to 15 days.. but the exitement did not last long.. the next
lines in the message were regarding some kinda reading requirement
for the Ms/R students. I have to prepare a list of papers that
i've got to read :(( i asked pjn about the same, he asked me to
prepare a list of 50 papers from which he would select about 15
to 10 papers which would have to be read in detail in a systematic
manner which he mentioned in the mail. So i started to search for
more papers related to animation and computer graphics.I could
not continue it any more.. i was being pinged by the ideas of
changing my home page.. and i had to do something about it.. so
i started off by drawing stuff to be put up on every page. It
turned out fine.. but then it was totally unnecessary.. i was not
free i had lot of work to do yet i was changing my home page..
waiting eagerly for the time to go past 4.30pm so that i can
run away from the lab and play cricket.
And yahoo i completed the drawings for my home page.. it now looks
more lively ( i guess ),
i was adoring the looks of my new home page when i got the
call for Cricket :)
What happened in the ground is another wonderful experience..
my team was "me, eric, bachan, thunder, sreeram" myself and sreeram
went to bat in first we could not put in much score.. the whole team
was out with score of 37.We had to bowl tight.. but then we could not
do any thing about it.. Pondy was in good form he was hitting any
ball any where.. :( and the match was a disaster to our team as expected.
Then in the next game i wanted to put up a good fight so bowled first
and their batsmen could not get much out of my over, next sreeram
bowled and that was a good over too that score was 4 after 2 overs.
Then this new guy who joined our team started to bowl and pondy was
batting.. he hit him like hell and then the score was 46 finally
after 5 overs. And again our batting lineup was screwed and SB
was bowling the final over and myself batting for an impossible to
win game. Suddenly SB comes running and throws the ball right at me..
( litrally threw it.. ) G.r.r.r what the hell was wrong with him..
any way i took it to be his imitation of my bowling.. they keep
complaining that my bowling is a throw.. well whats' theirs.. first
class bowling??'s just a fun game.. but throwing the ball
like that was totally Insane. SB tried to pleed to me but i was not
in a position to hear or understand him.I just walked away silently.
I felt like calling home after the long Frustrating day so called
home.. mom picked up and was very happy to hear from me.. told me
loads of stuff about who came to house what she has been doing..
how the fishs' are growing.. :) and how she told dad that i sent him
a shirt i did not send for his birthday.. i was very happy to know
that.. i damn' did not get the idea i could do that :( well any way
i m' happy to know that my mom did it for me :) hmm end of day was
kinda usual i played age and went to sleep.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Surprises all day long

First of all today early in the morning @ 8.45 i recieve a phone call
from home asking me if i had completed all my exams.. ;) how weird
is that.. it was my sister.. she got a dream about me failing in something
and was showing the cards about it to my dad and there was my dad's
car number on it. I told here that it should have been my driving license
test :).
So i sleep on.. enjoying the loss of my driving license exam which by
the way i never was at.. and woke up at 12.30 .. my usual wakeup time.
Came to lab and asked PJN if i could go home tomorrow.. he thought
that i had decieded to go home tomorrow and said "Y ARE YOU TELLING
ME SO LATE??" .. well i did not understand that he did not understand
that i was asking him if i could go home tomorrow. Any how i said ill' be
home for about a week to 10 days. He seemed happy with that :)) .. he said
that i had to start working as soon as i return ( oh ya.. lets' see about that ).
Mean while.. i recieved a mail from <> who
happened to read the tutorial i wrote for putting up system tray icon using
qt and kde libraries. He was facing some problems and sent to me to see
if i can help him out.. helloo!!! im' more than happy to be helping out
somebody regarding Qt :D. I sent him a long mail explaining him what
could have gone wrong.. have to see if i was too dumb at answering his
query :)
For the rest of the day today ive' planned to wash my clothes
which i've left soaking since 3 days .. Yuk!! then ive' got to play cricket..
and then finally get my bus tickets booked for my journey home.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

I dunno what i'm doing

Im' woke up at 12 again.. and felt sorry for myself
that im' unable to do any thing with my life and time
and more over.. started feeling that sashi is kinda
taking advantage of me by making me do all the
stuff he wants' for his paper and not even telling
about it to pjn.
I think that really sux. hmm well now im' playing
quake, cricket etc.. and just having fun not even
completing the work i'm supposed to do.
The raytracing stuff is still stuck where it was
a week ago.I've got the RA ship form signed though,
hope i get 6k atleast for the summer RA :)
played quake with dupi, nutt, venki and i dont' know
Seems like end of day to me :)

Sunday, April 24, 2005

What a Mess!!!

Tried a stupid strategy for waking up early and sleeping early .. turns out
that im' a complete idiot to have tried that... :( my attempt to do a night out
failed and woke up at 1.40pm :(( any way could not take it any more.. had
to do something about it.. so ate in the mess as a punishment.. and then
started writing this post in the lab.
Ive' been wasting lot of time since 4 days.. did nothing but play and play..
waking up at 11.00am , having lunch.. then by the time i could realize.. i was
playing cricket @ 4.30.. then since im' tired.. i just sit in venki's room which
by the way is free now coz.. cheddi and venki both are out of station. And the
worst thing is that ive' been trying to play age and quake.. but could not find
anybody to play :( thats' the biggest funniest part.. not being able to find a
partner for playing games.. that sux. Well that's the whole problem since
4 days.. hope ill' do better from now on...

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Work Today :((

Met my prof today to discuss about the damn project..
guess what.. he asks me to modify the raytracing algorithm
to get the depth information for each and every pixel. of the
image.. :((

Monday, February 28, 2005

Started Just Today

Well i thought i should have my blog space so that i can
keep track of where im' loosing all my precious time :)
and.. the other reson is many of my friends had one..
so thought i should too :D