Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Animating Fights

I love fighting games, love the GodOfWar style action games, aspire to make such a game some time in the future.. have no clue how to though.. a couple of years ago i started writing a python game engine to build an action game using sita sings' blues art style, got a basic demo running but never went any further.

I started to think i should understand the fighting game character animation better.. so started sketching some kicks / punches / weapon attacks.. will probably keep doing this for a while..

All of these done on phone..  once i get a hang of it, should be able to make stuff for a game :D

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Animation 18-01-2018


 i found this app called folioscope featured on the appstore. I've always been a fan of tools that let you do traditional animation digitally.

My first experience with this was Pencil2D an opensource QT based tool which was available for mac/windows/linux and can export videos and lets' you overlay on videos and stuff. I tried contributing to that project got a few pull requests merged but that project quickly died out.

The second tool that i came across was blender's grease pencil. This is pretty awesome and has gotten even better in the latest release.

Anyway folioscope, is pretty easy to use and has an amazing set of social features built in i started using it made a bunch of small animations..

 As you can see probably not the best ones but this got me really interested in persueing it further to create more complex / interesting ones.. I even ended up buying a stylus just for this. 

These are some of the more complex animations i created using folioscope. 

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

VUI's impact on Development

Ever since the introduction of computers GUI (Graphical User Interface) has dominated the HCI (human computer interaction) space. This basically required that your development team had a developer + an artist this has been consistent across all development platforms Desktop / Web / mobile.
For the first time in a while we might be seeing that configuration change to a developer + musician or a voice actor to address the new and up coming VUI (Voice User Interface). This just struck me as an interesting change because for most developers art has been a limiting factor, with voice user interface and the voice assistants being able to change their tone / voice on the fly a developer might be enough to deliver an engaging experience for the user.

In other news, my first alexa skill has gone live.. not sure how it will perform as discovery is already a big problem for alexa skills but here is hoping for the best.  Here is the link to my skill on alexa skills store if you are interested "Friend or Foe"

I'm thinking about working on a few other skills hopefully it will be unique enough to get visibility.