Saturday, January 30, 2016

CocosBuilder Plugins

I know that cocos builder is old news by now. People have moved on to sexier more advanced tools for getting things done, namely CocosStudio and SpriteBuilder.

I have been vocal about using this editor at work because we have been able to integrate it with our workflow very easily.
1) Ability to create custom classes is just amazing,
2) The animation creation just works.

The one thing i do crib about is that there was no way to get those custom classes that we created for regular items integrated to the editor.

I've tried to get plugins working a while ago and just gave up because it didn't work. Today i was motivated enough to dig deep and get the damn thing working. I was unable to push to the original repo but have forked and have put in the stuff.

Ill try to see if i can extend this to be more useful may be change the renderer to cocos2d-x instead of cocos2d. These are some things ive' been thinking about will have to see where this goes.

Just excited to get plugins work!  :)
CCRotatingSprite plugin sample
If you want to checkout and build then you should point to
There is still a slight problem of cocos2d-iphone not being available.. worry not.. it's just changed the repo url, this is the new one.
Checkout the right version and you are set to go.

Thursday, January 14, 2016


This is a piece I did completely on mi4 using drawchemy, sketchexpress, and adobe draw.

Seems like a good start.. I'm just not liking the imperfect outline because of lack of bezier curve tool like in inkscape on desktop.

Probably just a matter of preference but this seems to have come out well.