Sunday, April 15, 2012

SpaceGame 48-hr GameJAM

I've participated in my first 48hr gamejam. I've technically spent a lot less time but i've managed to get a prototype up and running and im' pretty happy with the way it turned out. I would have liked to add more things but time is running out so i had to cut corners. Here are the things i wanted to accomplish: 1) Bring out the tangential learning about Gravitation. 2) Make use of the gravity (since it's a space theme). 3) Wanted to do something different with the art. The concept came pretty quickly once i just drew up a mock up screen..
The rest of it was to get the mechanics right.. I used the CAAT engine so i can focus on the game itself, and bother less about the rendering. Which did help, but i also had to spend time looking around the documentation to figure out if there was a better way of doing something i would have just coded straight.. but it did payoff.. I got a playable prototype very soon. I tried to get some artwork done with inkscape based on the concept art..
As you can see i did really basic art but im' beginning to like this style. I'ts very abstract but conveys the objects pretty well. I've uploaded a playable version at . I haven't given the name a lot of thought but i hope it conveys the content of the game.