Wednesday, October 12, 2011


This months theme for experimental gameplay was slicing. I was thinking about a fast paced game but i found a game which was doing exactly what i wanted to do and was pretty damn fun to play too.. you might find it fun to play

So with that gameplay off the table i wanted to try something funny and ended up with this game called CSS (Combat Simulator for Skeletons) you slice through the skeleton to make parts of it fly and re assemble. You can click on it as well. The gameplay is pretty simple and i almost feel like i failed to make something good but im' posting it any way because that's what experiments are for. You try and fail.. that's the whole point of an experiment. You can check out the game at

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Some More Art

Here is some more artwork i did for the project. I think i should stop focusing on the art and try to get some actual game done now :) I still have to write export script for using blender as level editor. Once that is done i should be able to put together some good level to play with. I still have no clue what the story is going to be, im' inclined to take it to humorous side, but ill' have to think about it.

BlenderSetup for Skeleton

Props for Game
Ps: If you do use the props texture please attribute it to me.

Monday, October 03, 2011


Ive' been working on a simple action game. I haven't been able to decide on the story or the level design. But i think i have got the basic gameplay working pretty well. I was also thinking about some mini boss character and witch doctor seemed like the perfect fit for what i wanted to do .. so here it is...
The Witch Doctor

colored character from prev post
I still need to get these characters rigged up in blender, but right now im' having fun with the character ive' managed to rig in blender. Here is the video showcasing the combat. I hope ill' be able to finish this soon :)