Sunday, September 12, 2010

Punish The Player

Looks like people expect the game to "punish" i.e kill the user controlled character or restart a level when they screw up too many times. They want to "see" a loosing condition. I guess that's what brings in the challenge aspect in a game. For my entry in PyWeek11, I went for a smaller simpler game with better game play and it did pay off, I ended up third in the individual entries list . The one thing people complained about was the repetitiveness of the game. I didn't quite get what they meant, because every game does one thing repeatedly.. in a shooter game you shoot, in a puzzle game you solve puzzles. But the major factor for them getting bored was the game didn't quite challenge them.Picking up enemies did effect their score but that was second nature. It didn't effect what they were doing which in turn made the game boring too soon. So I guess it's a good thing to "kill" the user when he/she commits too many mistakes. I think ill' keep this in mind and may be add this to the stardust game as well.
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