Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I have been working on a simple 2D game lately. To be frank .. this is actually a clone of a game i played as a kid on some console. .. well as you can see.. i really have no idea what the names of the game and the console are.. this game came in free with the console.. this was the one of those cartridge using consoles. Any way.. so you control an aircraft with the joystick (this console just had a joystick with one red button) and use the red button for firing bullets. The path is just a linear one with solid obstacles on the way and choppers and tanks which just roam about on the way across the screen and if you hit them you die, you can pickup fuel along the way and as the levels progress, the path becomes narrow and the speed of your flight increases.

It was a pretty addictive game, i used to play it for hours and hours together just for the heck of it.. i never even kept track of the score. Any way... the game was an 8bit thing but really used the colors very well. So how do i boost the visuals of the game? ... actually i don't.. i thought ill use a pencil drawing type graphics for the objects in the game (again inspired by a game i saw some years back).

I have some of the artwork done and will be posting shortly. And btw.. the artwork is again inspired by an icon theme for gnome called "Nerdy-Lines" which was inspired by ".. " (some weird name i don't remember).

So why develop a game which doesn't have any innovation at all?.. well i think this particular game would be awesome to play with the wiimote. So... im' going to have this game support just the wiimote as input device.
check back for some artwork and screen shots.
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