Sunday, June 11, 2006

Who am i??

After six year of stay at IIIT i can't help but wonder who am i.. what am i doing.. and where am i going?? These are the questions i tried to answer today.. disappointingly.. there were only a few that i could come up with. Iv'e played more games than any single person in the campus (count not in different games .. count in terms of much time ive' spent gaming). Iv'e never kept track of how much time i play computer games.. but my juns were kind enough to keep reminding me that im' the only guy who has played almost all the games with all the batch.. not great but i really like it when people say that. The other day i saw an article on slashdot saying that there was some rehab being setup for video game addicts.. i was wondering if i needed that.. :p
PS: not going there any time soon :D
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