Monday, April 03, 2006


AAAh.. this is one hell of a tool.. well thats' why it has been bought by google :) I spent couple of hours reading through their site.. reading about the features and what's so special about it.. and tried out the trail version. For the first few minutes.. it was just another 3d modeling tool.. which had different names for the smae commonly used features.. for example pull tool is nothing but the extrusion tool.. any way... after some time i decided to go through the video tutorials that they had on their site. Due to the obvious reasons like the slow internet connection which is quite common at my college... it took hours to download the whole tutorial. I looked at the follow me tool which was really awesome.. unlike the features ive' seen in any other modeling tool. I found it quite difficult to make organic models (models like human beings.. animals.. etc.) But if you are planning to make architectural models... im' sure this is among the best....:) try it out if you find time. It's worth it.

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