Thursday, February 23, 2006

Linux Display Drivers and ATI

Well it finally happened.. there has an article on the driver heaven asking ati to provide good display drivers for linux. have a look at it.. this guy actually put out every anguish i had in my mind. Ofcourse some people claim that the X1800 series are for gaming and nothing else.. well people dont' just play all day.. and they dont'/may not want to buy one system for browsing, one for video editing and one for official business.. well may be some can.. but then.. it doesnt' mean that people who buy a card which is for gaming can't/dont' use it for some other purpose. And whats' the company loosing by providing good drivers for linux? in fact i would say the company is loosing customers by not providing drivers for linux. I personally would not recommend any body to buy ATI cards since they dont' have good linux support. Most of my friends go for Nvidia cards just because they will be able to use both linux and windows.

Ati has got a really good support on windows. I've played aoe3, prince of persia etc and the experience is awesome. You can put in the highest display settings and yet this baby really make you feel its' normal. You should see it to believe it. I did not run the 3dmark2006 yet.. should run it and find out the scores. It would really be nice to know how this baby performs on the benchmarks.

Todays cartoon dedicated to this whole ATI thing.. im' forced to use vesa (default) drivers on linux without any acceleration even though i have an ATI X1800XT and the fps i get while running glxgears which is awefully small program which used to give around 1000fps (if i remember correctly) on my nvidia geforce 2MX and this ATI X1800XT gives only 500fps (ofcourse there drivers are different) but the bottom line is i could not find the drivers so 500fps is what this card can give according to me.

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